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original ipodipod nano goldThey're hot, new, hip and cutting edge . . . the Apple iPod and iPod Nano is about you, your music, and how you live!

And the options are limitless.  Over 75% of all iPod owners find the iPod games and iPod accessories found here to be truly indispensable.

Please take a few moments to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of the Apple ipod.

As I look around campus these days, it seems the ratio of students (and even teachers) fiddling around with an iPod is as high as 2 out of 3 people.  In a weird way, it's almost like the iPod has become a status symbol.  But it's more like the iPod is an indispensable part of the iPod owner's life.  At any rate, Apple has sold more than 3 million of the iPods and iPod nano giving their owners instant access to all of their music (up to 10,000 songs), all of the time, changing the way music is purchased and stored for all time.

These tiny, powerful, plastic encased, high capacity storage computers that store your music digitally seem to captivate their owner's, with some people even giving their iPod a name.  My daughter has named her pink iPod nano "John".  John and his white earphones go with her wherever she goes!  She is emotionally attached to her music and that attachment has been transferred to her nano.  As a concerned parent, sometimes I wish that Apple could find a way to incorporate a Taser so her constant companion could protect as well as entertain her!

What's next?  Audio book companies are rushing to post their books on Apple's iTunes store and users have discovered the iPod provides a great way to store digital photos.

Also, we are proud to introduce the . . .

i2i® Stream Two Pack

i2i streamThe i2i Stream wireless digital audio device allows you to broadcast your favorite music to  friends that also have i2i Streams. i2i Streams can send or receive CD quality sound up to 30 feet, wirelessly.  Plug in any MP3 player into one end of the i2i Stream and your favorite earphones into the other end.  Select 1 of 7 channels to start broadcasting.  Share your music like never before with the i2i Stream.

-- Compatible with iPod, MP3, media players; earphones, headphones, portable speakers
-- Stream music from one to many
-- CD quality sound
-- Compact and light weight
-- Every i2i Stream can broadcast or receive


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